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There’s plenty to do, whether it’s trekking, cultural, festival, adventure and nature, hiking and walking, or getting out on the water. Find trip focused according to your interests with Bhutan Monyul Travel because we are premier Inbound Bhutan Tour Operator.


Bhutan Trekking

Trekking in Bhutan is an experiential journey in the stunning natural beauty and the relatively isolated nature of Bhutan. The undisturbed and unexplored natural environment and the fabulous landscape present heaven and an insight into the serenity and beauty of the wilderness most people only read about. 


Bhutan Festival

Our Festival Tours are combination of Festivals and Culture as these two are interrelated. We design this combination in the best interests of the prospective visitors. There are about 40 different Festival Events that take place at different times at different places in the country. The significant festivals are the District Festivals held at the Dzongs.

Bhutan Cultural

Blessed with pristine environment and natural beauty – Bhutan is adorned with art and colors of Buddhism. The Bhutan Trip will certainly help visitors gain spiritual experiences. The visitors will experience beauty of nature and enjoy contrast in the flora and fauna at the different altitudes and different destinations.


Bhutan Adventure

Bhutan is swiftly developing its reputation as a premier destination for adventure sports. Set amongst the majestic Himalayas our kingdom is the perfect location for all manner of exciting activities including Hiking, Trekking, Kayaking, Mountain Biking and Fishing.


Why Prefer Us


Service is the first, flexibility being a must, and value being the best. Taking this idea as our vision and target, we always set goals for offering the service of the highest quality to travelers from all over the world.

Handpicked Hotels

We offer all the hotels are authorized by the tourism council of Bhutan. Moreover, we give our guest to pick the own hotel if they wanted.

World Class Services

Bhutan Monyul Travel is a little different from other travel companies. All of our holidays are truly tailor-made offering you complete choice and freedom.

Best Price Gaurantee

We offer best service with the lowest price with freedom to chose your own destination and the hotels.

Most Popular Tours


We are offering our most popular tours which have consistently received generous rating from our visitors. These holidays and getaways have been tried, tested and enjoyed by our Guests.

Glimpse of Bhutan

This trip offers the best opportunity to explore the interesting


Jumolhari Trek

The beautiful Jomolhari Trek is the most popular trekking routes in Bhutan


Paro Festival

Paro Festival is the most popular religious dance festival in Bhutan


What Our Guest Say

Bhutan- first trip out of India I went to visit Bhutan by Bhutan monyul travel. The experience was beyond my expectations. I really found the money I sent was worth it. Tashi Peljor is onwer of the travel agency, he came along everywhere and guided us about the history of the all place we roam around. We took the package for 5 days initially but after spending time there I extended my plan to 7 days, and he did all the accommodates according without a single question. I really felt the tour outstanding. It was my first time out of the India and it was amazing one. Thanks Tashi, Sonam for the wonderful time.
Bhutan made memorable by Tashi! The best memories that I would take of Bhutan would be the owner Tashi's warmth, chirpy nature and hospitality. He made our entire journey very smooth from visa hassle, to driving during late hours or early morning. He would never say no to any of your requests and will always get things done! He always takes time out to explain the details of a place or its history and can entertain any number of questions you ask. His prices are very reasonable and I would highly recommend you can book his services for a memorable visit. Bhutan for me would be Tashi's hospitality, and his friendship! Thank you for making our journey a wonderful memorable one.